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The secret to Tiff Hall’s post-baby bikini body is refreshingly simple

Fitness expert Tiffiny Hall has opened up about the pressures she felt to get her “bikini body back” after giving birth.

The former Biggest Loser fitness coach gained 30kg during her pregnancy with son Arnold and felt overwhelmed by being expected to “bounce back” within weeks of his arrival.

Now the mum-of-one has revealed she’s “stronger than ever” because she chose not to bounce back and instead “bounce forward” — revealing she’s used her experience of motherhood to create a new program designed especially for mums.

“To be honest, I didn’t want to bounce back after having a baby,” Tiff told

“Crash dieting and the damage it can have on the body and emotional and mental wellbeing is not good for new mums.”

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Tiff explained she took it “very slow” after giving birth, which wasn’t what people expected of the fitness expert.

“It could have damaged my business because it changed my image and all that. But I didn’t care. I wanted to rehab my body after the trauma of birth properly,” she said.

“It was never about the bikini body for me. It was about loving my baby body, and yeah, I’ve got loose skin on my stomach, and it will never be the same again. I’ve got wider hips, and I’ve got stretch marks.

“My body has changed, but I am stronger now, I have better abdominal muscles and a better core and pelvic floor than I did before I had the baby because I took it slow.”

The new workout for her TIFFXO members is called Hyper, which focuses on helping women lose weight safely after having a baby.

“My new workouts are about taking your time and building your tiny muscles so that it’s strong and has a foundation,” she said.

“This is a type of resistance training but without my signature martial arts incorporated. It builds lean muscle and sculpts the body with resistance bands and dumbbells.”

The 34-year-old — who is married to comedian Ed Kavalee — says she’s stronger and fitter than ever before, revealing she’s regained her bikini body and washboard abs by “taking my time” to regain her fitness levels and not succumbing to the pressures of “bouncing back”

“I tell new mums all the time not to bounce back but to bounce forward,” she said. “Your body isn’t the same anymore and that’s OK. Mums need to take time to heal your body and build up stronger.”

Recently, Tiff gave a TEDx talk in Sydney where she opened up about how she dealt with the pressures placed on women to lose weight after they give birth, explaining it was only when she was training with Australian actor Chris Hemsworth in Byron Bay — as one of the experts involved in his app Centr — she realised she’d “bounced forward”.

“This is the moment where I’ve just come off set filming fitness videos with Chris for his app, and I realised I didn’t bounce back, I bounced forward. I feel so much stronger, not just in my matter and my body, but in my mind.

“I prioritised self-care and I feel amazing.”

Tiff also talked about her struggles with morning sickness throughout her pregnancy, revealing the only thing she could keep down were sausage rolls.

“I thought, gee, pregnancy, I got this. But no, I didn’t have it all,” the former Gladiator and taekwondo black belt said.

“At eight weeks I had to announce I was pregnant because I couldn’t hide it. I was very sick, but it didn’t pass. I was in and out of hospital for the whole nine months. I was so ill I couldn’t even drive.

“The only thing that helped was this new food that I discovered, an exotic food called sausage rolls. They taste delicious, especially when you’re pregnant, and particularly when you have three in a row.”

Admitting she was “terrified of getting pregnant” because she thought it would be “the end of everything that I loved”, Tiff was shocked when people would ask “are you concerned about losing your body?” and “are you concerned about losing your abs?”

It was these comments just weeks after giving birth in September 2017 that led to the new mum sharing “real” photos of her post-partum body that quickly went viral.

“Since when has a post-partum body been shocking?” she said, discussing the viral photo she shared of her five weeks after giving birth, as she took a shower while Arnie napped.

Her 130,000 fans watched in almost real time how Tiff regained her strength and fitness over the last 18 months, going from not being able to do a single push-up after giving birth to hosting gruelling group workouts at The Fitness Show in Sydney from April 12-14 where anyone of any fitness level can come along for one of her signature sweat sessions.

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