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The common side effect that put Jessica Alba off celery juice

Ohhhh the celery juice trend. On one hand you have a cult of juicer’s who say The Medical Medium’s magical elixir is the answer to all their health problems, while on the other hand you have health experts who, quite frankly, think it’s pure BS.

So, who wins the debate? Well, with The Medical Medium’s 1.7 million followers on Instagram and a wealth of people liking, sharing and reposting the benefits of #celeryjuice, it’s pretty clear who comes out on top. Moreover, you’ve also got Kimmy K with 130 million followers who’s currently trying out the trend, and her mini-me Kylie Jenner with 129 million followers who drinks celery juice every morning.

However, if you’re one of the sceptics, you’ll be glad to know that not every A-list celeb is on board this latest wellness trend. Jessica Alba, who mysteriously seems to never ever age, is known for her amazing glow – and it definitely doesn’t come from sculling down celery juice.

“I tried celery juicing, and it empties your bowels in a very violent way all day long,” the 37-year-old actress said in an interview with Health. “I like things that taste good, and that just doesn’t taste good.”

Instead of relying on every new wellness fad that pops up on social media, she says the key to good health is through tuning into her body’s cues each morning.

“Wellness is all about checking in,” said the founder of The Honest Company. “Some days I just need to go in my room and read a book for an hour and put a face mask on. Other days I need to wake up at 5.15am and get a spin class in to feel good – even though I hate waking up early.”

And Alba, like us, struggles to find the motivation to break a sweat every day.

I hate working out with a passion,” she admits. “It’s hard to motivate myself, but it’s like medicine and makes me feel mentally better. If I can constantly work out four to five days a week, I feel like the edge is taken off.” Same girl, same.

In fact, the mother-of-three goes so far as to admit that she hasn’t “been able to get a workout in for about five months” because of her busy schedule trying to juggle everything in between filming for a new movie.

Although her workout regime has gone AWOL, she ensures she prioritises her diet to stay on top of her health.

“I try to eat really clean when I can’t work out. No wine during the week. Also, two vegan or plant-based meals a day during the week.”

But that doesn’t mean she deprives herself of a treat meal or drink here and there. The actress often takes to Instagram posting images of herself enjoying cocktails, dumplings, ice-cream and burgers with family and friends.

As for her ultimate idea of self-care? “Sleeping in. Sleep is everything because I just don’t get any.”

Again, it all comes down to the b-word we know is the key to optimal health – and if immortal Alba says balance is at the forefront of her mental and physical health, then it really must be the secret to health and happiness.

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