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Kate Hudson just shared her insanely hard push-up workout

If you’re looking for the answer to reaching that six-pack #goal, Kate Hudson is your main girl.

The 39-year-old actress shared a video from her workout on Friday, where she demonstrated a *highly* complicated version of a simple push-up. Starting with her left leg out to the side, Hudson engages her core and arm muscles to go down to the floor, pushes herself up into a downward dog position and then continues by lifting her left leg into the air.

She repeats this movement four times in the video, showing off her ripped back and arm muscles.

“Getting stronger….! @nicolewinhoffer kicking my [peach emoji],” she captioned the video.

And we’re not the only ones impressed with her ability to make this look so seamless and graceful. A few of Hudson’s famous friends shared their amazement.

“Wow. I can’t do that. I just tried and I wound up pulling 9 muscles, tearing 2 ligaments and farting a little,” Hangover actor Ed Helms joked.

Model and actress Brooklyn Decker added: “My toothpick arms would collapse and I would die.”

Hudson’s trainer Nicole Winhoffer, then shared the video on her account, confirming this move is called ‘The Serpent’.

“Low Impact Dynamic Stretch Toning activates our fascia and reshapes our bodies in new ways,” Winhoffer explained in her post. But most importantly, she added that “it’s really sexy.”

Wellllll Kate might make it look ‘sexy’, but we can 200 per cent confirm we will look anything but ‘sexy’. Soz.

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