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Chrissy Teigen on accepting her ‘new normal’ post-baby body

Welcome to your weekly dose of ‘Things we love about Chrissy Teigen’. We already know she’s the Queen of voicing her opinions and shutting down trolls, and now, the mother-of-two has come out to tell the world that she is okay with weighing more if it means that she gets to enjoy all the food – and that she’s not dealing with postpartum depression.

The 33-year-old took to Twitter to answer the number one question she gets asked by her followers as a result of her daily extravagant feasts she whips up for her and her family: “How do you eat like this?”

Well, here’s your answer: “Basically I am 20 lbs. [9kg] heavier than I was before Miles. He’s 10 months old, I never lost the last bit because I just love food too much,” she posted to her 11 million Twitter followers on Sunday. “Just coming to terms with my new normal, when I had this certain number for so long!”

The bestselling cookbook author then added that carrying the extra weight is only a sign of improved mental health, which she struggled with after the birth of her first child, Luna.

“The thinnest I’ve ever been was right after Luna. Postpartum depression,” she continued. “I’LL TAKE THESE POUNDS AND THIS FEELING!”

Teigen admitted in September last year that she was dealing with severe postpartum depression and “wasn’t being good to my body” after giving birth to Luna.

“I was drinking too much,” she said in an interview with Women’s Health. “I wasn’t eating as much because I was full from drinking.”

She was then prescribed antidepressants by her doctor, which helped heal her.

Earlier this year, the former swimsuit model revealed in an interview that she is still in the process of slowly accepting her new body after giving birth to her second child, Miles.

“Every morning when I look at myself in the mirror, I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, how did it get here?’ My baby was, like, four pounds [2kg] and I gained, like, sixty pounds [27kg], and that seems off!” she said in an interview with Good Housekeeping.

“But, you know, I think everyone’s body is just really different. That’s why, my posts of real mum sh*t, and wearing the diaper, and having that mesh thing, and real postpartum business? I think as important as it is for people to see me do that, it’s also really important for me.”

Teigen is now more than happy to put her modelling career behind her and embrace her new happier life.

“This is a new thing that I can change within my mind, that I don’t have to be a swimsuit model anymore,” she said. “I get to be a mummy, and I get to cook, and I get to meet incredible people, and I’m happy to be going through this transition.”

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