Wednesday , October 21 2020
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‘I’m not blind, I see that I’ve gained weight’

Chrissy Teigan says it (and posts it) like it is. From vagina steaming, breastfeeding struggles, to the struggles associated with motherhood, there’s nothing she’s too embarrassed to voice her opinion about. It’s honest, relatable and the kinds of things you would never hear or see any other celebrity post on …

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What your period is trying to tell you about your health

Dr Libby Weaver (PhD) is one of Australasia’s leading nutritional biochemists, a best-selling author and speaker. Did you know that your period is just supposed to show up each month? That’s right, without any of the troubling symptoms many women experience recurringly. Those symptoms—from PMS, period pain, breast tenderness, mood …

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Natural headache remedies that are simple and effective

Unpleasant throbbing and aching in the head, nausea, ringing ears, blurred vision – headaches and migraines are, to put it lightly, excruciating. According to Headache Australia, it’s estimated that migraines currently affect 4.9 million Aussies, and 20 per cent of the population suffer from migraines at some stage in their …

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Doctor on the top medical issues facing women now

Considering that today is International Women’s Day, it’s a perfect time to reflect on the biggest health issues facing women in Australia right now. As a doctor, thinking about this topic fills me with so many thoughts. Because the truth is, while we are somewhat fortunate in this lucky country …

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‘I looked six months pregnant’

It took visits to more than 10 doctors over six years for Tasha Ross to finally get a diagnosis. The 23-year-old swimwear model had battled intense pain, bloating and hormonal acne from the age of 15, only to be told by one specialist that it was ‘all in her head’. …

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