Monday , March 25 2019
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Should you take a daily asprin?

Aspirin is one of the world’s most well-known and widely taken drugs – you pop it for pain, fever and inflammation. But it’s also a useful blood-thinning medicine, regularly prescribed to those who’ve had heart attacks, strokes or chest pain (angina) – or to anyone who may be at high …

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Five experts advice if going plant-based is healthier

Vegetarianism is on the rise in Australia, as many vegetarians will gladly tell you. While many people who eschew meat products do so for the sake of animals and the environment, we’re starting to learn more about the negative health effects of meat and the benefits from eating a plant-based …

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A doctor answers your questions

Hands up if your mother convinced you that the cold you caught was a result of that *one* time you stepped out of the house with slightly damp hair? Hands up if she then proceeded to dose you up on excessive amounts of vitamin C to clear your blocked nose …

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New study reveals how chronic stress fuels cancer

Scientists say they now have a better understanding of how chronic (long-term, sustained) stress can accelerate the growth of cancer cells, and how this damage could be avoided. While the correlation between stress and health issues – such as gut health, heart problems and cognitive impairment – is well-established, researchers …

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