Monday , March 25 2019
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A four-move workout to strengthen his erection

Loads of blokes suffer from problems in the bedroom from time-to-time. It’s totally normal to get overexcited and struggle with maintaining a strong erection. In fact, experts estimate that up to one in three guys has experienced premature ejaculation. “We don’t know precisely how many men have it because embarrassment …

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‘He would lie on top of me and try to strangle me’

Shannan Thomas was the domestic violence victim with an ex AFL player for six months. She now counsels women in domestic violence situations and has launched The Red Flags DV to educate and call out the “red flags”. It was early 2017 when I thought I had fallen in love. …

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‘I’m not blind, I see that I’ve gained weight’

Chrissy Teigan says it (and posts it) like it is. From vagina steaming, breastfeeding struggles, to the struggles associated with motherhood, there’s nothing she’s too embarrassed to voice her opinion about. It’s honest, relatable and the kinds of things you would never hear or see any other celebrity post on …

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