Monday , March 25 2019
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Mentally we don’t become adults until 30yo, science says

Are you deep into your twenties and still feel like a bit of an imposter? You aren’t alone. Few people celebrate their 18th birthday and immediately consider themselves proficient in the art of ‘adulting’, and now there is legitimate science to back this up. According to brain scientists who have …

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5 foods that trigger inflammation in your body instantly

It seems that everyone is currently on a Dan-Brown-like quest for ingredients that will cure them of inflammation. This chronic condition is increasingly being blamed by studies as a precursor for more chronic health problems and diseases. Enter turmeric, coconut oil and ginger. These so-called superfoods are packed full of …

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7 reasons your pee smells weird

Good health is all about maintaining your body’s natural state, or homeostasis (to give it it’s fancy term). You’ve got to know what’s normal for you and if that changes, you’ll know something’s up.If your pooing habits suddenly change, that can be a cause of concern or at least, investigation. …

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