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An experts advice on the no sugar no carb challenge

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez rocked the red carpet at the Grammys recently, looking as loved up as ever and in fighting fit shape thanks to their well-publicised 10-day fitness challenge.

The famous pair completed a series of gruelling gym sessions, as well as sticking to a strict diet which saw the famous songstress and her buff beau cut both carbs and sugar out of their diet for a full ten days.

Both J-Lo and A-Rod shared the results of their 10 day diet on social media, with fans gushing over Jennifer’s enviable physique at the end of the challenge.

Despite celebrating the end of their punishing challenge with a fast food feast, the couple appear to be back in the gym and ready to go for round two of their challenge.

According to American website Page Six, the hot Hollywood couple are back on their strict regime already – but with the star’s friends and fans following in J-Lo’s fit footsteps and copying her challenge, is this actually a good thing?

Dr Nick Fuller, Obesity Expert from the University of Sydney and author of Interval Weight Loss For Life, thinks not and is warning against trying J-Lo’s 10 day challenge – or any other diet promoted by a celeb.

“We should be regulating this industry and putting an end to celebrity-endorsed diets,” Dr Nick Fuller told body+soul.

“These diets/online programs are doing more harm than good. Any sort of diet that tells you to cut out certain foods will result in short-term, rapid weight loss, but then you will stack the weight back on and end up fatter than before you began.”

Dr Fuller’s research into dieting and weight loss revolves around the concept that our bodies have a set point, which means that almost all diets we might try are literally doomed to fail and are causing us harm in the process.

“Telling you to cut out an arbitrary list of foods also creates a fear of certain foods and a fear that you will eat something that is forbidden,” Dr Fuller continues. “Followers of any form of restrictive diet will only obsess about their eating habits. Inadvertently, what you end up with is a dieting mentality and a cultural obsession with weight loss and body image…People are dieting themselves fat.”

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